Hatha Yoga with Jessica Date

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This slow and focused practice enhances your ability to feel your spine and breathe through areas of tension. Increased body awareness allows you to achieve more sustainable and efficient results. Your teacher, Jessica Date is a professional yoga instructor with a unique and traditional style from her extensive studies in India. Currently undertaking Chiropractic studies, her thorough medical knowledge and passion for the body & spine are a beautiful complement to the yoga practice.

This intimate class is designed for those who are new to yoga, or prefer a slower practice with long holds. It will deepen your yoga practice and will challenge your stamina, mental clarity, patience and self compassion.The slow movement between postures cultivates focus, building on breath awareness and mindfulness. The holding of traditional yoga poses helps detoxify, build strength and conditioning of the body and mind.

60 mins | Comfortable room temperature | Suitable for all levels
Casual class: $25 | 5 pack pass: $100 | 10 pack pass: $170

Bookings can be made online or enquiries to

“The treatments themselves do not ‘cure’ the condition, they simply restore the body’s self-healing ability.”
— Leon Chaitow, N.D., D.O.
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