Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain, it’s important to get the the root cause of what’s really going on

Back pain can dramatically impact your life and put a stop to activities you enjoy most. It can be a very debilitating and frustrating condition due to the many causes and contributing factors such as prolonged poor posture, disc issues, sciatica, unresolved physical injuries, emotional and mental stress. Network chiropractic care can address many of these underlying issues to help you gain control.

Gentle network chiropractic care uses specific touch to the spine to release tension, regain flexibility and alignment and work through underlying imbalances and faulty movement patterns in your body. Re-align and strengthen your spine naturally so that you can enjoy those activities you used to do!

There are various methods you can use to get out of pain, such as medication, stretching, physical manipulation, heat and massage. Instead of temporary relief we recommend a holistic and tailored approach. Our focus is on helping your pain subside and teaching your body how to remain flexible, strong and pain free. Our approach helps you to change underlying patterns contributing to your pain and allows your spine to move freely, without restriction or resistance.

It just takes one visit to know how we can help. Call or Book Here for an appointment or if you have any questions please get in touch with our Contact Us form.

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“The treatments themselves do not ‘cure’ the condition, they simply restore the body’s self-healing ability.”
— Leon Chaitow, N.D., D.O.
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