Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be debilitating, frustrating and often leaves people on a merry – go – round of ups and downs wondering if it will ever get better. Chronic pain is identified as pain that lasts more than 3 months and can range from a dull ache to severe or sharp pain.

People with chronic pain find it hard to undertake normal physical activities without pain, restricted movement or stress and this can affect general outlook on life. Physical pain can create the perception of harmfulness and may lead to reduced physical activity and a sense of disability or haplessness. Chronic pain conditions are commonly associated with insomnia. Poor sleeping patterns and lack of sleep can exacerbate pain and impact quality of life.

This long term stress can impact your emotional and mental wellbeing. The are many different facets to chronic pain, including the type of injury, it’s duration, other stressors or illnesses. Healing can depend on the ability of the tissues to regenerate, blood flow, proprioception, stat of mind, support systems and your overall nervous system function. All cases are unique.

The nervous system is heavily involved in feeling pain. The nervous system was once thought to be hard wired, but we now know you can learn new things all of the time. This phenomenon is called neuroplasticity. Learning new things is generally a good thing, unless your neural pain pathways become hypersensitive. IF this happens, your brain may be triggered to feel pain, by even the smallest input. This means people with chronic pain may feel pain even with normal non-painful moments.

At Evolve Chiropractic, we assess each individual situation thoroughly and use very small adjustments (or entrainments) to create change. The gentle techniques allows your body to unwind stress and tension, without aggravating your sensitive Nervous system. We look to allow the nervous system to reset, so that new neural pathways and new habits can be formed. With regular chiropractic care, many of our clients see a reduction or complete disappearance of symptoms which may have been troubling them for years.

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“The treatments themselves do not ‘cure’ the condition, they simply restore the body’s self-healing ability.”
— Leon Chaitow, N.D., D.O.
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